Golden Triangle Buildings

Now, some may not realise the amount of work that has gone into the Golden Triangle tourist attraction within recent years. In fact, some people may not realise what the Golden Triangle is. Based in Thailand, it is one of the largest tourist attractions within Asia, producing the second most opium within the entire area. The actual size of the Golden Triangle is also large, spanning a total of 950,000 square kilometres. But what makes the Golden Triangle even more interesting are the buildings within the area and the work that the builders have put in to create such a masterpiece of a tourist attraction.

The buildings surrounding the Golden Triangle are a mixture of contemporary Asian design as well as a throwback to the last few centuries. Since the buildings were originally built and constructed by builders many years ago, it is of very little surprise that the influence for these buildings were just as old fashioned. The Golden Triangle itself is within Myanmar, and is a significant cog within trade around the world. But some of the buildings truly are amazing that have been created in other areas of the Golden Triangle, and they range from anything such as small supermarkets and grocery stores to large hotels and spas. There are such a large variety of these buildings, and many of them are amazing to witness both in person or just looking through pictures.

One good examples of these modern large buildings that have been created within the Golden Triangle is within Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia. They have built a large, 30 floor office space that resembles commercial buildings within Los Angeles and New York. It is a large, white stone building with metal surroundings to make it look both sleek and elegant. They also managed to construct the building so that they had many different balconies on each level within the commercial property. There are many buildings like this within Kuala Lumpur and other areas of the Golden Triangle. I believe that it is a mixture of somewhat mild westernisation, and the style of older Asian and specifically far-east Asian building designs. Some of these buildings match the design of Manchester builders designs, which is becoming more common around the world.

Malaysia specifically is one of the largest countries within Asia and the Golden Triangle to construct buildings in this style. The builders themselves have begun to specialise in a fusion of Asian and Western building designs for this reason. The buildings that really benefit from this design are commercial properties. Whether it is through large franchise hotels or smaller hotel chains, and most commonly through commercial office buildings, the commercial properties designs are becoming increasingly more attractive. This influence is beginning to seep into the new residential buildings too. The main focal point of this design within residential properties are with apartment buildings and flats. With the larger apartment buildings, the designs are increasingly different and really stand out. They are also growing larger over time, with the average apartment building being 7 floors in 1980, to growing all the way to 20 floors today. This is an increasing fad within the Golden Triangle, both for the opportunity to offer luxury living but also to house more families within the cities and areas themselves.

Smaller residential new builds are also being affected by this design craze. The average Golden Triangle home that was built before 1990 has the same design per country. Older traditions and designs consistently show within the homes for each area. But for new build homes within the last 20 years, you can gradually see the western influence that the current craze has. While this is not really a negative, nor is the influence too strong, it still doesn’t identify with the links of the past. All buildings are beautiful, and there are many builders out there within the Golden Triangle doing a fantastic job, and we can only hope to see them continue the great work that they have done within recent years. Thank you for reading our post today!